Prince George Root Canal


What do root canals and gum disease have in common? They’re both two-word-phrases that no one wants to hear their dentist say!

But with modern treatments, root canals are really nothing to fear. In fact, getting one can bring a patient much-needed relief, as a patient who needs a root canal is already in pain from inflamed pulp within the tooth and the resulting infection. A tooth’s root consists of the hard outer region and the soft tissue inside, called the pulp, which contains tissue, blood vessels, and nerves. If that pulp becomes infected due to a tooth fracture or deep decay, that’s when a root canal is needed. The root canal will remove the pulpy tissue, sterilize the root, then fill it. As a result, the tooth is saved from potential loss, and without the pulp, infection can’t take hold again.

Drs. Pahal and Sidhu and their team are highly skilled in endodontic care. So if you need a root canal, don’t worry - you’re in expert hands! Contact us today.

Watch this video about Endodontics:

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