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Prince George Sports Guards

Guards, Bite Appliances in Prince George

Your teeth are vulnerable to damage from impact or grinding. Even a small impact can crack or knock out a tooth. Protect them with custom-made sports guards and night appliances that fit your mouth comfortably and won’t slip.

Guards, Bite Appliances in Prince George

Keep Your Teeth Safe

Your teeth are very strong, but they can be damaged. Impact during sports can result in a broken or knocked out tooth, and nighttime teeth grinding (bruxism) can gradually damage the enamel or result in crooked teeth. Custom-made guards and appliances provide the best defense against damage.


Sports Guards

Sports injuries can result in severe damage to your teeth. Sports guards protect against impact and damage from falling (or getting tackled). Our custom-made guards comfortably fit your mouth without shifting or slipping while playing.

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Night (Bite) Appliances

Night appliances prevent nighttime teeth grinding and clenching that can damage your teeth and cause chronic jaw pain. The custom-made night appliance prevents your jaws from moving while you sleep and won’t interfere with the quality of your rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Any sport has the potential for falls or impact. A sports guard is the best way to keep your teeth safe while you play.

A sports guard should fit comfortably while allowing you to speak and breathe normally. You shouldn’t have to bite down to hold the guard in place. The guard should be made from durable, impact-absorbing material that is thick enough to protect your teeth. A custom-made guard offers the best protection because it is made to fit your mouth perfectly.

You should replace your sports guard after two or three seasons of play or after a major impact to ensure you are getting maximum protection.

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