Prince George TMJ


You’ve probably heard of people referring to TMJ - but what exactly is it? TMJ refers to the “temperomandibular joint”, the hinged joint in the jaw that connects it to each side of the skull. TMJ disorder refers to the pain and discomfort people commonly experience in this joint, due to various causes such as injury and misaligned teeth, or other conditions such as arthritis. TMJ pain can range from mild to severe.

TMJ disorder symptoms include:

  • Pain and soreness in jaw, especially when opening and closing the mouth
  • Clicking, rasping, or popping noise in the jaw
  • Headaches or earaches
  • Trouble using the jaw
  • Changes in bite

Dental treatments can greatly ease and even permanently relieve TMJ disorder, but the treatments are as individual as the patient. Since TMJ has so many causes, Drs. Pahal and Sidhu will first identify your particular cause before recommending treatment. Common treatments include braces to move teeth, replacing missing teeth, bite adjustment, or a bite guard.

If you are experiencing TMJ symptoms, don’t hesitate to tell us. With proper treatment, pain and discomfort can be eliminated, and further damage and permanent injury avoided.

If you need more information about TMJ, contact us today.